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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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explosion. chrystal campbell attended thelt race to see her boyfriend's bese friend compete. her father described campbell as loving. loving the third victim has not been identified. we now it's a boston universityv graduate. no name has been released. rele there were reports of a a saudi national being questioned but investigators have beenhave quick to say there's nos no suspects. we're learning more tonighte le about tharening bombings and why were made of. will thomas has the latest onatn that investigation. will. >> reporter: investigatorsep believe that theor bombs thats h ripped through the crowd were we made of pressure cookers paired with nails, and ball bearings, a design to inflict maximumm dangling. they were left on the ground on the sidewalk. what investigators are still no sure of is how they were set oft and even bigger question who dii it remean remains unanswered as. fbi agents were questioning a
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man who was stopped while wh running from the scene, and searched his apartmentent overnight. but they have been quick toeen report that he has been clearedd of any involvement, they won't o stop until they find who is responsible. >> our investigation won't best' confined to the city limits of boston. it would extend out to theextent eastern massachusetts area.massc this will be a worldwide investigation. we will take -- we will go to the end of the earth to identifo the subject or subjects who arer responsible for this despicable crime, and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> investigators are asking foro photos and video from anyone near the finish line yesterday hoping they may hold a clue as to who carried out the attack. officials are going through surveillance video of businessev in theeo area fame by frame. janet that pol napolitano, thera there's no evidence that the bombings were a part of a bigger plot.
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security will remained ramped up as a precaution. pr 170 people were hurt in the boston marathon bombings. some the physical evidence at the process is being processed in virginia in quantico. tonight the unbelievable nightmare continues in area hospitals today. doctors an d nurse right sided nurse ri working round theght clock to d to the victims. vic doctors in massachusetts general say thmaey performed severall amputation and removed shrapnel. >> many of them have severe se wounds, mostly in the lower part of their body, w the blast effect of the bomb as well as small metallic fragments that entered their body, pellets, shrapnel, nails thatel this bomb had. >> more than 170 hurt by the th blast, many still in the hospital, some critical condition. spectators and and
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participates are back home tonight. we have their stories. >> reporter: we spoke way number of local run nez, bu rune most compeling story came from the wall family. family >> they took pictures and videos and they have shared those video and iand pictures with us. this year he came to cheer forr his wife and daughter who ranhto the race together. togeth he was directly across from thec location of the first blast. >> you could spelt the blast thd the sulfur. it took a few seconds to get your bearings of what is goinga on here. and then look the way, what arer we going to do and how are we going to get out.out. he turned on the video on his hs cell phone and then guided his i
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group which include a developmentally disabled personn away from the scene. >> stay with me. me turn to the right. this way, my god. >> oh my god, the mother and and daughter were eight minutes from the finish line when police crossed their path. we were high 5ing people. and they said no one is finishment i mean hundreds ofedf people are starting to stack up around us. no one is finishing and peopled are flooding out of their of apartments and townhomes sayings there's been an accident, acci there's been an explosion. >> reporter: the mother ande md daughter realized john walsh was at the finish line where the the bombs went off. they ran and walked for 45 moree minutes headed for their hotel. we are borrowing cell phones, w, still don't know if they are th safe. we finally got a call out to myy middle daughter who lives herea in d.c. she was able to tell us they'ree safe. at that point we just lost it.
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>> reporter: both mother and ad daughter are determined to goin back to boston next year and run the marathon again. >> you can't live your life in n fear, you just can't. >> reporter: i spoke to six si others local runners at national airport, they all said the samea thing. they're all going back to boston next year to run again in the future marathon. brian. >> determination. president obama used thethe word terrorism to describe the e boston bombings. today we have word the president will be going to boston. tom fitzgerald with more. >> reporter: this came out aisu half an hour ago, the white thee house announcing that he has has canceled a planned trip toplann kansas on thursday and will instead fly to boston to taketo part in an inner faith servicee dedicated to those who were huru and killed at the bombing which comes at end of the day. day. the president for first time hii self made it clear himself thiss
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bombing was indeed terrorism. tr >> the flag over the white houso was lowered to half-staffstaff tuesday morning as the president vowed americans would not be laa low by fear following thethe bombing in boston. bo >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. because what the world saw sa yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism, and kindness, and generosity, and love. >> reporter: in a photo ph released by the white housee who tuesday, the president is seen meeting with homeland security,, eric holder, fbi director roberr muller and others, later the president said the f bill. is investigating the bombing ass an act of terrorism. >> what we don't yet know, however, is who carried out this attack or why, whether it's planned and executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic or was the act of of malmall volumence
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>> reporter: the houseme and senate acknowledged the bombing as republican and democraticdemc leaders say words of unity. >> it's a terrible day for all l americans. we carry on in the american spirit. we come together with grace. >> one thing we are united and n the victims of the senseless attacks, and the families are ar suffering today, the victims. >> reporter: in front of the white house,orte meanwhile, me pennsylvania avenue was closed d to pedestrians as the secretsect service put a police tape ta showing heightened security measures remain in place. >> we are also getting our firsi word from the attorney generalr of the united states eric holde releasing this statement thisg e afternoon, saying, quote, the ff bill. is spea spearheading a multi agy investigation, devotingng extensive personnel and have begun conducting exhaustive
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interviews analyzing evidence recovered from the scene and an examining video of the scene. no one is taking any chancee after the bombings in boston. fans headed to the verizon center for the caps center will notice searches, and airlinee passengers will notice police pe and bomb-sniffing dogs at at airports across the country. stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage for this continuing story both on air and online. we will bring you the latest on news edge and at 11:00. it warm after the clouds gol out of here.of >> it took a while for theor clouds to get out but it took to sunshine to get us into the the mid-70s. we are keeping an eye on the frontal boundaries that will tha make the forecast and high hi temperatures tomorrow a bit mort of a challenge. and scott, what are you workingu on in sports.sports. the sports world is making changes in wake of the tragedy in boston. how that might impact you if yo are headed to the game, a liveai report straight ahead.ahea
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we are following new developments in the > suspectedu abduction of a boy. rebecca and sa sarafin may be gg to hr l.a. republican opposition is growing but the situation is is still fluent. president obama urged them to listen to the public's request.e they latched an attac launched h
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korea without warning. warning. they are demanding that they apologize for a protest yesterday. meanwhile 21 service members were hurtile earlier today dura training exercise in southin soh korea. they were injured when their helicopter made hey hard landing. coming up on the news edge. >> turn to the right, turn to the right. turn to the right. ri >> dramatic images from the the marathon bombings, the latest la developments from the scene intn boston. the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks.
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the white house calling the two bomb explosions at boston an act of terror. terror.
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an 8-year-old and a 22-year-old massachusetts woman has been identified among the dead, and a third victim is a student but bt that name has not been released. chris what is the latest there. >> reporter: well, brian, i can tell you it'i a city in mourning tonight. toni the shock of yesterday's bombing, it's a boston marathonh today turning to sadness, dness, turning to anger, but there's t' also a sense of community, ay, a sense of patriotism, much like e we saw after the 9/11 attacks. k actually what i'm wearing is a new ribbon that is being distributed today. these are the boston marathonon colored being distributed distri commemorating the victims ands d runners of the boston marathon.a in terms of investigation itself, authorities of course, now confirming this was a terrorist attack, whether it's foreign or domestic we don't wet know. some the startling details, theh
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used two 6-liter pressure cookers, pressed with metal bearings and shareds. shared they were vulnerable at one ofa the most popular events boston o has every year, and it was an wn attack on this city, and the people here -- it's really mixed emotions, sadness and anger could be wrapped up tonight. >> chris, with what are the the police telling you about their investigation? >> reporter: well, right now, , there's no suspect, what they th are asking the public is keep in mind this happened at a peak time of the marathon, four hours after the race started when most people would be crossing the the finish line and tons of spectators, maximum impact and maximum exposure.maxi a lot of mupeoplem had their vo cameras out, a lot of people were taking pictures, the fbi i
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wants to see the images beforeis and after the explosion, hoping to compare the two, hoping tong see someone, there was a searchh warrant that was served last night in a boston suburb of revere. they took bags and bags of of evidence, they didn't tell uss what was understand and they didn't tell where they served that warrant, but they do say it was because of the attacks attak yesterday. you hear behind me s.w.a.t. s.w. teams, the sirens brearg, thatr, has been going on all day. the city is still on edge, keep in mind, this is still a crime scene. >> chris o'connell, live in in boston tonight. vivid pictures share thee tails of terrotales of terror. people scrambling to get to safety.. chaos surround the flags of thef around the world representingg runners from many differentdifft countries. you can view more powerful images from our photo gallery, r at sue. brian we had a lot of cloud around today. today.
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thanks to the change in wind wid direction out of the south we scoured a little bit of sunshini this afternoon and that helped d our temperatures get up to 74 degrees. dulles matched out at 76, bwi thurgood marshall at 74. 74. a lot warmer than yesterday. yet tomorrow will be in the mid-60s.mid-60 full disclosure tomorrow's temperature will be a challenge to predict a high high because we're going to have a frontal boundary that is going to move through. some of you may be cooler than e that, and some of you may be warmer than that. thursday 78 degrees, the front will lift back north as the warm front and you could have one or two quick showers in the morning as well. i don't think we're looking at a lot in the morning. mor cooler near the water as you can see, temperature at 66 and quantico at 69, everybody else l under the influence of thate oft south wind, it's going to pump o the humidity a little bit, too.. you are going to notice that ass well. wow, what a temperature contrast we're seeing on this weather map
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tonight.night. we are 73 degrees, but you don'o have to get too far to the westt to find st. louis at 48, wichitaw with 48 and you get down to dallas at 78 degrees. another big and frontal boundary moving across the country, denver got upwards of six inches of snow, heavier north and west and that snow might make a run n to the minneapolis area.area. meanwhile we got the warm stuff and the frontal boundary that ii coming in our direction ision is trying real hard to produce ae couple of showers andowers thunderstorms to the west.rm we got thes skies clearing out now. hagerstown saw a little bit of a shower around your area, but wanted you to see that this is a large clusters of storms movingm its way across ohio and the the yellow box is a severe thunderstorm watch and we aree keeping an eye to see if it's's holding together.holding toge maybe at 10:00 we have to talk k about a shower or thunderstorm e across the night tonight. tonigh maybe a few of you will hear a a little bit of thunder and see se some lightning with that.
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the frontal boundary is going t try to get closer. closer tomorrow it's going to be try to move through central maryland. a best chance for that is going to be south of d.c. but north of bh the front it will be cool. south of the front it will be be warm, that is why thee temperature forecast is going te be a cachallenge tomorrow.rrow. that front, though, will onlyly dip down briefly before it movev to the north again on thursday d as the warm front and we are going to have another warm dayy on thursday.on th as the front is making its its transition on wednesday ask on n thursday, we likely have a chance of a shower and we're going to keep that on then forecast to be on the safe sidee let's take a look at the futuree a couple of showers here overnight. i wanted you to see that most of the showers tomorrow are down t the south and maybe we have aa quick shower on thursday morning as the frontal boundary lifts up to another warmer war day on thursday of the le talk about the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. recast 75 degrees tomorrow. 78 on thursday, and again a couple of showers here andshow there, and i would not think oft either day, though as veryry rainy. now i will tell you when we we might get decent rain around raa
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here, it should be more more widespread on friday into into saturday. friday night in particular,icul, brian, with showers and storms in o the forecast. foreca as can you see when we go from friday's temperature of 77 down to 53 on saturday, that has a ha little punch behind it, it's chillier than average. average. >> thanks, tou.>> t let's take aha look at a lol let's take aha look at a lol basketball player, he says he is ready to take his game to the nba. ♪ wireless is limitless. not really. i want to show you something... this is mike, a briggs and stratton engine specialist. hi, how are you doing? nice to meet you. i'm looking for a new mower. walmart has top brands including a selection of murray and snapper, which is new to walmart this year. everything that you see in the line, they're going to be powered by briggs and stratton engine. oh yeah. so? found my mower. i told you. [ male announcer ] get quality lawnmower brands like murray and snapper.
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[ female announcecer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless. time for sports. the caps will try to remain atin the top. our lindsay murphy is there with more on that. o >> reporter: scott, fans were encouraged to arrive early at at the verizon center because of heightened security. i can tell you there's a lot lot more police today than on a a normal day. norm most of them hanging around the metro. me bomb-sniffing dogs were checkins ou t the trash cans outside oftf
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the verizon center. safety is a priority here at the verizon center. there's two capital mares who wo signed for massachusetts --achue players who signed for massachusetts. he joined me to talk about the yesterday's events.y's events. >> people come from all over the world to participate, and it'sds some people's goals, and dreamss that they're running in that tht race, and they kind of have a a black cloud over it, like it did and ruined a lot of people's day, and obviously, it took some lives, it's never good to see. >> have you been able to get ine touch with friends and family fa who are up there, is it a a waiting game. wa >> the only person that lives in downtown boston, that was mymy step brother and he was texting back and forth, and my stepdad.. obviously, great to hear that he was fine. fine >> they talked about height 10ing security here tonight ando doing that for the foreseeable o future and a moment of silence before the game.bere does it change the field of the
6:25 pm
game tonight? , i don't know, once the game game gets started we settle in. in. it's good to see that they are recognizing that and the security to make sure that that everyone is safe. >> reporter: that tragedy has affected many people. he has a home up in boston as well. this tragedy has hit him hard as well. >> thank you very much, murph. u the game gets going at 7:00 tonight the. >> otto porter jun junior annouo that he is turning pro. tu he will get ready for june's nba draft. the 7-footer is more than likel a lottery pick. he it's going to be a big step but one that he is ready for. f. >> he asked me what my goals gol are, i told him i wanted to be an nba player so i want the -- - the coaching staff to put me inn this position to accomplish. >> i pray that this is the right thing. i know in my heart it is, so is
6:26 pm
whenever you start thinking topo 10, those numbers, you don'tdon' hold a young man back. ba >> tonight the nats and marlinsl face-off at 7:00.00. bryce harper will be out of tonight's games with flu-like symptoms. and nfl broadcaster, sumrall sur passed away today at age of 82. shawn yancy, with a look att what is coming up tonight. >> team coverage of tonight'st's boston marathon bombing. we're hearing personal storiesst from victims people at thetthe finish line. a virginia family held upldp and robbed in their own home. oo we will have the latest on the a search for suspects, those susp stories and much more coming upp tonight at 10:00. brian. over to sue pa palka to taka look at of the fra. >> summer-like temperatures, te, especially on thursday when wehe get up to 78 degrees. 78 a strong front comes through onn friday night and it drops ours r temperature for the weekend back into the 60s, low 60s on
6:27 pm
saturday, sunday about 54, andot by the way, we may have a couple of showers around tomorrow and d thursday as with.ursday a i don't think we will bel be particularly cool. that is how things are looking. we will keep an eye on it. it. >> now you have the news edge. of course the news is always at back here at 10:00 the news edge at 11:00 as always. tmz on t.v. is coming up next. [ male annnouncer ] the new malibibus are getting a lot of attention at youur chevy dealer lately for good reason. like malibu ltz with chevrolet mylink. kbb called it one of the most user-friendly multimedia interfaces on the market. malibu lt with 10 standard airbags, more than fusion or sonata. and malibu ls, offering an epa-estimated 34 mpg highway. ♪ the all-new malibu. right now get this great lease on a 2013 chevy malibu ls
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